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IQmango Free DVD Ripper is an admirable free program that handles all necessary DVD ripping tasks. With this wonderful simple software you know exactly how to rip a DVD effortlessly and in no time. Furthermore, this DVD ripper allows you to make copies of your DVDs to back up your entire movie collection with no particular effort. Our program deals with any kind of DVD videos that you can buy or create yourself. If you're looking for a way to transfer DVD videos into your tablet device or mobile this is a way around this problem. Prevent your DVDs from wearing out before it's too late - rip a DVD to computer or portable video player using IQmango free software!

Features FREE
Best tool to rip any DVD and make clone copies
Intuitive in use DVD ripping software
Convert DVD video to AVI and MP4 file without fuss
Easily burn a disc of DivX or DVD format
Copy DVD contents to your favorite Apple device: iPod, iPad and iPhone
Achieve maximum video quality with customizable settings

IQmango free DVD Ripper is an incredibly easy program to copy, backup, burn and transfer DVDs to MP4 and AVI format. Starting the program, you will see there are 4 options available: "Clone DVD disc", "Burn DVD from folder", "Copy DVD to folder" and "Save DVD to video files". For all Apple fans around the world, there is an option to rip DVDs to MP4 for iPad, iPhone or iPad device. Select "Save DVD to video files" in application window and choose your Apple device from the list. The program is intuitive and works flawlessly — test-drive IQmango free DVD ripper and you will love it!

Needless to say, you can curtail DVD9 into DVD5, get rid of unwanted audio tracks, subtitles and video episodes. If you were looking for the most efficient DVD ripping software then your search is over. IQmango is that kind of program you need! It's stable, works smoothly and you can download and use it for absolutely free. So why wait? Backup your entire DVD collection with IQmango!

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