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IQmango Free Video to MP3 Converter is the first-class video to audio converter. The software provides you with the valuable options to take an audio track out of any video file and easily convert it into the most popular MP3 audio format. With this free program you are able to achieve fast conversions and thus notably save your time!

All of us have a personal movie favorites list, video clips or YouTube video downloads on a computer hard drive. With a video to MP3 converter you can extract an episode, a song or quotation from your videos. And IQmango is a proven way to do this without having to pay for a program. The software combines excellent output sound quality with an elegant user interface. In order to convert videos to MP3, select the corresponding conversion profile from the list, then drag and drop your videos into IQmango window. Easy adjust MP3 quality settings to control the output file size.

IQmango Free Video to MP3 Converter supports dozens of video formats for conversion. It will help you convert downloaded YouTube videos from FLV to MP3, movies in MP4, DIVX/AVI or MKV format, MOV to MP3 and more. This program syncs with your Apple device and sends converted MP3's into iPod, iPhone or iPad when you click “Copy to iPod” button. IQmango is worth to give it a try — download your copy and enjoy videos in the way you always wanted to!

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