Driver backup made easy – Driver BLADE

Do you plan to format or upgrade your Windows PC? Then it's vital for you to backup all your hardware drivers in case you want to restore your Windows fast and safely. Sometimes you may need to reinstall Windows on multiple computers at home or in the office. The entire process may take a couple of hours. Imagine, you will need to find, download and install drivers for every hardware on every computer. Without a proper driver backup software that's a routine and tedious work. But now we have the solution! You can do driver backup easily with a small freeware application by IQmango team – IQmango Driver BLADE.

IQmango Driver BLADE is a 100% free and reliable driver backup and restore solution that creates full backup copies of your System drivers, recognizes unknown devices, monitors your hardware temperature to prevent overheating. Drivers restore with IQmango Driver BLADE software is done elementary and fast. This program will help you backup not only stock Windows drivers, but also any hardware drivers of your choice, including third party ones.

Generating reports of all your System drivers is easy and 100% free! Options to save or print the list of all installed drivers are available either.

Our Driver BLADE software nicely supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Driver BLADE Features: FREE
Backup drivers on any Windows PC
Backup third party drivers
Fast and easy driver restore
Prevent drivers overheating
Complete reports delivery
Clear and nice user interface

If your PC crashes be sure that IQmango Driver BLADE will finely restore all your hardware drivers from the backup copies you have created previously. Take full control of your Windows PC - monitor hardware performance, CPU, HD health and simply backup drivers before Windows reinstall. Free and absolutely useful, IQmango Driver BLADE is a must-have for every Windows PC owner!

Download FREE Driver BLADE software - backup hardware drivers on your Windows PCDownload now!