Free IQmango Endless Music Player

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Our Free Endless Music Player software nicely supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Windows Vista, Windows 2003

Endless Music Player

A tiny app: A big revolution in music!

Enjoy tons of favorite music non stop with Endless Music Player. This tiny yet massive desktop application finds all the tracks by your beloved artist or band and plays them e n d l e s s l y. And what's more, the player is completely free to install and use! It will never ask you for money!

Save your precious time with Endless Media Player for joy! Simply install it on your PC, type the name of your favorite artist, track or album in the search box and click "play". Endless Media Player starts immediately playing all the tracks of the searched artist one by one, having millions of tracks in store for you.

Endless Media Player - Features FREE
Fast 'Search' box to easily find a specific track
Listen to all your favorite music free and non-stop
Watch video to the song played in a new pop-up window
Listen to all songs by a certain artist endlessly
Download favorite song in 1 click
Stylish and easy user interface