Free Audio CD Burner

IQmango Audio CD Burner is the most reliable and fastest way to burn audio CDs. With this impressive burning software it's no sweat for you to burn various format music files to an audio CD. It will take you a little while to get your audio CD properly recorded and ready for playback on your preferred music player, car audio or any other audio system. Audio CD Burner by IQmango team is a completely freeware application. It supports any Windows version (both x32 and x64) incl. brand new Windows 8.

Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP
Windows 7, Windows 8
Features FREE
Top-class tool to create audio CDs
Swift burning speed
All major music / spoken word formats supported
Immaculate quality of the output
Custom output settings
Convenient user interface

Easy and comfortable to use Audio CD Burner freeware by IQmango comes in handy when you need to burn an audio CD within a very short period of time and without a loss in quality. Lightning-speed of burning makes this simple and efficient software irreplaceable on your desktop. This software maintains excellent quality, intuitive interface and easiness of use. You can burn music CD out of MP3 files, high-quality FLAC files as well as other lossless and lossy music formats.

Free Audio CD Burner designed for those who figured out that the best things in life are free. No need to pay for an application to perform a simple task like CD burning. Besides audio CD burning, you can create data CDs, DVDs and video DVDs. Test drive this universal burning application and forget about format compatibility hassle. Enjoy your music and audio books in the way you always wanted to!

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