Free iBackuper Software

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Our Free iBackuper software nicely supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Windows Vista, Windows 2003

Free iBackuper for iPhone, iPad, iPod

IQmango iBackuper is a free tool to easily backup your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This light application creates a full copy of your iDevice, preserving your valuable data from being lost. You can create as many backup copies of data as you like!

Features FREE
Multiple backup copies
No need to use iTunes
Recover all the data in full
Many iDevices supported
Transfer favorite audios/videos
Synchronize data with other iDevices

Thanks to the highly effective IQmango iBackuper you can backup and restore all the data any time even after have lost your Apple gadget. Just make a backup copy of the device and store it on your PC hard drive! Moreover, with this valuable program you can easily synchronize all your videos, music and notes with those on your friends' iPhone, iPad or iPad.

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