Premium Support

We provide FREE software for you. We provide FREE support for you. Why pay for Premium Support?

  1. Save your time and get immediate response.
    Due to heavy load we cannot guarantee fast response time on regular support queries, but some enquires can be really urgent thus must be solved asap. That's why we have created an option for you to be the first in line!

  2. Perfect result with professional prompt expertise.
    Our tech staff will assist you with any task. Consider the issue solved!

  3. Convenience.
    You just want the job done without digging into details. Right now. This is exactly what we guide you to make the problem solved at once and the easiest way you want it.

  4. Peace of mind.
    Get relaxed knowing that dispite you have downloaded a completely free software you are not left on your own if any question/difficulty arise. You are not alone.
    There is always someone at IQmango tech support who really wants and is ready to help you! Just let us know and we will do the rest.