How to Rip a DVD using IQmango DVD Ripper

How to Rip a DVD

In order to rip a DVD disk you need a dedicated software that effectively creates the data copy of both protected and regular DVDs. An excellent example of such program is an absolutely amazing free application called IQmango DVD Ripper.

1. IQmango DVD Ripper can be downloaded and installed for free of charge from here: The installation process is fast and you will start ripping DVDs in a few minutes after the program has been launched.

2. The simple and effective interface of the program consists of 4 main features: "Clone DVD disk", "Copy DVD to folder", "Burn DVD from folder" and "Save DVD to video files". Choose "Copy DVD to folder" if you wish to rip the contents to the newly created folder on your hard drive. If you wish to rip the DVD data and save it to your hard drive as a single video file then select "Save DVD to video files".

3. Insert DVD and click "Start" to actually start ripping your DVD. When the ripping process is finished you can enjoy and use the data successfully ripped from the DVD you've inserted.

Thank you for using IQmango DVD Ripper!